Practical Health Tips

Woops, missed February Newsletter! Away a lot down South at
beautiful Margaret River, but here it is…

I wanted to share with you some timely and practical health tips from the wonderful chiropractor ‘extraordinaire’ Robert C Scott:

Mental Attitude:

Taking care of you – Great Ways to Self-Nurture

  1. Seek Solitude (meditate, go within and get creative, try a fun excursion by yourself.
  2. Use Positive Affirmations (make a conscious choice to be happy)
  3. Take a long hot bath (add soft music and candlelight for ambience or some relaxing aromatherapy.
  4. Have a cup of your favourite coffee or tea.
  5. Spend time in nature (walk in the sunshine, spend time near the water, cloud watching or enjoy a sunset)
  6. Get a massage (touch can be very healing).

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