Barry J Gray, My Cancer Journey Thus Far

Shortly after turning 60, I was diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer that had spread to bones throughout my body in November 2010.  My Urologist said that my condition was treatable for 2-4 years with hormone injections every 3-4 months, but not curable. He gave no credence to diet helping to treat my condition. He simply told me to go and eat whatever, and enjoy the time that I had left.

He did however tell me about one patient with similar diagnosis, who had good results taking,  ‘Scaevola Spinescens , Maroon Bush Tea ‘, an Aboriginal bush medicine, traditionally used for the treatment of cancer, heart disease, intestinal trouble, urinary problems, kidney trouble and general illnesses.

Check out and read about. You can order tea pot bags on line.

I have 100 mls morning and night.

Also , Mary ( my wife )  knew of a nutritional doctor who advised me to get and read ‘ The China Study ‘ by Dr. T. Colin Campbell and go vegan, my best chance of prolonging my life.

I bought the book and DVD.

Check out and read about. Click on other icons and read more.

Thus started our journey to find “Alternative Treatments”.

Both Mary and I changed our diet that same day. What you will find following not only helps people with almost any illness, but also keeps your body at your optimal weight and good health.

Shortly after starting our new diet, whilst eating at a Raw food cafe, ‘ Samudra’ in Dunsborough WA, we came across a book “ Healing Cancer From Inside Out”, a practical guide to healing cancer with the Rave Diet and Lifestyle by Mike Anderson. We also bought the DVD.

Check out  to read about Samudra’s philosophy on food and lifestyle.

The main concept in both ‘ The China Study’ and the ‘ Rave Diet ‘  is to  eat only unprocessed plant base whole foods, fruits, vegies, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds mainly raw. With cancer patients however, need to limit intake of fruits, carrots and beetroot, as these all have high levels of natural sugars. Also if you have these in your green juicing, dilute 50 / 50  with filtered water to reduce sugar levels.

Go to  Click on products info, then products, check out info.

The Rave Diet @ Lifestyle Book, click on what’s in the book, then the Eating DVD and continue with rest.

From this you will see the need to cut out all animal protein, meat, chicken, fish, seafood and any processed or by-products, dairy, cheese, eggs, soy, tofu, yoghurt etc.

To reinforce this check out scroll down to Cancer, click on items and read, especially the Gerson therapy.  click on About and read Kris Carr’s story, she overcame inoperable stage 4 cancer. Click on Praise, scroll down and read testimonials.  Click on about Jen and read her story, she had chronic fatigue, and see what she has set up to help overcome this and gain optimal health.

I am also seeing Mary’s Naturopathic Nutritionist, Jan Purser, at Remede – Wellness Medicine, 13 Glyde St., Mosman Park WA 6012. Ph.  92861166  Fx. 92861883 Eml.
Check out  Click on, About, and read info on their services.

Jan is supportive of our diet and is helping to restore my liver function with natural products, after the possible damage from the hormone injections.

I am taking Metagenics  ‘Ultra Probioplex’ to help gut function, and a product called ‘Ribraxx’, which is a natural cancer cell killer, derived from rice bran and shiitake mushroom extract.

Remede have a “Cancer Support Dietary and Lifestyle Guidelines” which is a good guideline to general good health for everyone.

In section 7 ‘Protein’, they advocate to include fish, organic chicken, organic eggs, low fat organic dairy products and properly combined vegetable proteins. Through the Rave Diet, I do not have any of these. Instead I have ‘Vital Protein’, pea protein Isolate powder, or  ‘Sunwarrior Raw Vegan’, sprouted whole grain brown rice protein powder, together with flax , chia , hemp and sesame seeds in all my green juicing and smoothies. Grains, nuts, legumes and seeds, including sprouted ones, have more protein than any comparable animal ones.

All of my tests since changing diet show no problem with protein levels.

Also check out You can down load free e- book all about eating raw vegan and lots of recipes. Click on the trailer and ‘Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine’. This reinforces what I am doing.

From all this, you may see a need to go organic, do green juicing and go vegan (preferably mainly raw).   I do have further information following about my personal green juicing and eating schedule, along with vital information on the power of lemons.

Most important :- Bring peace and spirituality into your life by finding ‘Your special place’, by the sea, lake, park, bushland, in your own home, or with others, to exercise, walk, run, do yoga-pilates, listen to relaxing music, read, pray, meditate and remain grateful and positive.

One of the most spiritual, relaxing and healing music we have come across is, ‘ Grace and Gratitude ‘ by Olivia Newton-John. I play this at least twice a day, especially driving in heavy traffic.  It is very calming, and you get to where you are going more relaxed .

If you are looking to lose weight, stop cravings and addictions, prevent or get over serious illness, become a more healthy and vibrant you, then take Dr. Campbell’s challenge from The China Study, and try this different way of eating for at least one month, and feel the changes within yourself.

What we have learnt and with taking on the Rave Diet and Lifestyle completely, I am confident of a better chance of overcoming cancer and leading a longer, full and healthy life.

My Doctor is very happy with all my latest test results, and in the 18 months since changing diet,  I’ve managed to have minimal of usual side effects, and more than double the time between hormone injections. He says that I look terrific, and to just keep doing whatever I’m doing.

I hope my story and info may be of some benefit to you or somebody you know or close to you, and feel free to pass on as you wish. I also have included my contact details if you wish to comment or have any queries.

Barry J Gray

10 thoughts on “Barry J Gray, My Cancer Journey Thus Far

  1. Wow! Fabulous blog! Congratulations on such an awe-inspiring and informative sight. Looking forward to reading the links and passing on the info to friends. Many thanks to Barry, Mary & talented son Adam. .

  2. Hi Barry, was lucky enough to meet you and your lovely wife Mary at Gaia last week. I have now had the time to read over your blog and would and information and have found it wonderful and very inspired about your way of life. I look forward to following your journey and being kept updated with your progress.
    Michelle xx
    PS We never made the walk across the Harbour Bridge on Sunday as we opted for a ferry ride instead wasn’t it a spectacular day!

    • Great to hear from you Michelle. Wasn’t Gaia a wonderful experience! Yes we will continue to update the ‘journey’. Our walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge was terrific on a beautiful sunny day. Feeling energised, healthy and alive!

    • Hi Noel. Yes you can make your own maroon bus tea if you can get the leaves.
      We have been purchasing the tea bags from a source here in West Australia to make it easier, but Barry has stopped having this and just green juicing and vegan diet seems to be working well for him. Please check our web site again as I am putting on the recipe for making that tea from the leaves! All the best and let’s know how you go with it.

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