Medical Cannabis Plea For Legalisation in Australia

Well, here we are four years on in our Cancer Journey.  Please read our following testimonials that we are forwarding to our federal and local politicians in support of having medical cannabis in it’s natural form legalised Australia-wide. This has already proven to help many suffering people including children.  Feel free to share with your friends and politicians too.  We need all the support we can get.

Hi, I’m Barry Gray from Perth Western Australia and 4 years ago shortly after my 60th birthday in 2010, I was diagnosed with terminal stage 4 prostate cancer. The tumour in my prostate was about the size of a tennis ball and had metastasis to bones throughout my body, especially in my left hip and right shoulder. It was inoperable and incurable. Specialist said only treatment option was hormone injections for 2-4 years until my body became immune to these. The next treatment options to minimize (by only 20%) the chance of breaking bones would take out my kidneys and then treatment to counteract this would then affect my liver and hasten my ultimate death. Thus I would be more likely to die from ‘Western Medicine’ than cancer.

From the very beginning of receiving this diagnosis and with the help of my wife Mary, we looked for natural alternatives. Firstly we saw a Nutritional Doctor who advised us to go vegan, to have better chance of prolonging my life. And to support this to get a book called “The China Study” by Doctor Colin Campbell . This we surely did. Within first week we cut out all processed foods, meat, poultry, eggs, fish, dairy and associated by-products, and went wholly (mainly raw) organic plant based foods, vegies, fruits, nuts, seeds and legumes, green smoothies and juicing.

Also at this time, as a builder, I was doing a renovation job for another Doctor, who told me about his nephew, who had opened up a “ Raw Food “ cafe,” Samudra “ in Dunsborough, south of Perth. At the same time another client and good friend offered us his holiday house in Margaret River to get away for few days. Whilst down there we took the opportunity to go to Samudra. Besides great raw food, they also had selection of natural healing books. Mary picked up this book “Healing Cancer from Inside Out “ by Mick Anderson and this started our journey on trying to overcome cancer by natural means with mind, body and soul changes.

Over the past 4 years, through these changes, many wonderful people and things have come my way.  I have taken up many of the teachings of Doctor Ann Wigmore through Brenda Cobb’s “Living Food Lifestyle.” I have minimized usual side effects from hormone injections. I will not take pain killers as prescribed by doctor because of side effects and the fact that I cannot drive with them, so I only have 2 Panadol Osteo every 6 hours as only means of dealing with pain. Although this does help a little with the pain, it is never eliminated. I have been told I have a high pain threshold!

Also I came across Olivia Newton John’s “Grace and Gratitude” CD, which she recorded after going through her own cancer journey and to help others. I play this continuously through the night as I am very restless from the pain in trying to lie on either side. So, even with very little sleep, I get up feeling rested, having absorbed this very spiritual music.

Just recently, after having seen story on benefits of “ Medical Cannabis Oil “ on Sixty Minutes and hearing interview of Doctor Andrew Katelaris on radio, we have investigated these benefits and am now very interested in pursuing this option, as it is a natural plant based product.

In one respect I feel very fortunate that Doctors told me that chemo was not an option for me as I would have needed too high a dosage. I have witnessed 5 other people and 2 good friends diagnosed at the same time as me who went down this path of chemo and are, sadly, no longer with us.

I feel very strongly about being able to try “Medical Cannabis Oil” as an option. Western medicine will not cure me, but maybe legalized “ Medical Cannabis Oil “ can.

Now I hand this over to Mary, my wife, to hear journey and story from her perspective.

I’m Mary, Barry’s wife. When cancer hit my husband, it also affected me, my family and my life too. It has been very hard watching Barry go through pain, trauma, loss of sleep, at times inability to even walk, and nasty effects of any Western Medicine that he has been subjected to. I do not like the love of my life suffer unnecessarily and I share his pain and sleepless nights too.

Barry and I have concentrated on increasing our health and well-being now by adopting a very nutritious and vitamin-filled plant diet. He meditates, listens to music and does all he can to help himself battle what has been classed as ‘terminal cancer’ – a difficult term when you have a large, loving and vital family and a lot to look forward to living for.

Barry’s stage now is that – no Western Medicine treatments will help him. His specialist says that chemo or other drug related therapy will just eventually attack his kidneys, liver and probably break his bones and he would die of their treatment. His GP said that he wishes he could prescribe medicinal cannabis for him! Meanwhile, Barry has to endure constant pain and sleepless nights while trying to run a building contracting business with many loyal clients to keep money coming in for us to live.

According to Dr Joseph Mercola, the cannabis plant can take the place of a wide variety of pharmaceutical drugs. Is this why it is illegal? Clearly, medical cannabis is competition to the pharmaceutical industry. Do you really think this is a valid reason to not legalise it while watching hundreds of thousands of people (including children) suffer unnecessarily with their illnesses and pain?

All we ask for is the right to choose to grow or buy cannabis plants or cannabis oil to go alongside our other healthy green plants and herbs, so that Barry can finally relieve his pain and even knock out those cancer cells that have spread throughout his body.

Cannabis is a living organism which Governments have taken upon themselves to designate an illegal substance. It contains active cannabinoids which have been proven to inhibit tumour growth and kill cancer cells. It suppresses cancer, alleviates pain and allows people to get on with their lives and be worthwhile members of the community.

I would like to see my husband play footy with his grandchildren again, be able to go to a movie or see his grandchildren in shows again without being worried of being able to sit through the session because of pain, be able to play his golf again or surf the waves with his children and grandchildren without worrying about not having the strength in his legs to handle the waves or simply be able to take a brisk walk with me like we used to.

The choice is easy for us – health giving, cancer killing cannabis, or Western Medicine drugs which specialists and doctors have told Barry will kill him! Why are you making our choice illegal? To me it would seem that your choice for us is criminal!

Please allow us the choice to choose our own method of treatment. I have not read any cases of cannabis killing anyone, however, in actual fact, there is a long list of Western Medicine deaths!

Please, Members of Parliament, have a conscience and allow us the choice to choose our own well-researched natural plant methods to heal ourselves – but – please do this quickly before more people suffer and die unnecessarily.
Please also, do not put it in the hands of the pharmaceutical industry as we want to keep it the natural plant, not another drug.

Thank you for your urgent consideration and action towards this.

MEDICINAL PLANTS – Recipe for Making Maroon Bush Tea – used to treat Cancer and many other complaints:



Cut the branches containing the best leaves and flowers intact on stems up to a thickness of 8mm in diameter.  Scaevola spinescens (Maroon Bush) is at its most potent when in both flower and fruit.

Wash the braches well as there is usually a lot of dust on the plant, particularly if it is growing near a road.  Cut the branches into pieces about 3cm long, using all the plant – stems, bark, leaves, flowers and fruit.

Place all of this into a large pan and add water (rainwater or filtered water best as tap water contains chemicals that could reduce the medicine’s efficiency) until all the plant is just covered.  Bring slowly to the boil and simmer for two to three minutes.  Allow to cool slowly, and stand overnight.

Strain, and bottle in glass, not plastic bottles.  The resultant brew should be a dark greenish brown, depending on the strength of the chemicals in the plant.  At certain times of the year a small clot of residue may rise to the neck of the bottle.  This is not a sign that the medicine has ‘gone off’, and it can be gently poured off.


Take twice a day, two tablespoons to one third of a cup (about 50mls) of medicine to the remainder of a cup of either hot or cold water, depending on taste and the severity of the complaint.  The taste is similar to herbal tea with a little bitterness, but is quite pleasant to take.  However, if the medicine has been boiled too long or if the plant is not at its most suitable time, the resultant tea may be more bitter.  This can be made more palatable by adding a little fresh fruit juice.  It is also possible to dilute the dosage with more water than medicine to weaken it, but in this case I recommend that you take it three times a day (still a total dose of 100mls of the raw medicine, with varying amounts of water, per day.)

Thank you to The Yamaji Language Centre in Geraldton for the book ‘Wadjarri Wisdom’ from which this extract was taken.

We have had several requests for how to make this powerful Aboriginal Bush Tea, so hope this assists those interested.  Barry has not had this tea for a while as he is going very well on his green juicing and vegan diet.  But everything must help.  Keep sending us your ideas and updates too.  Love to hear from all..


Thanks to Helen Frost, Australia’s Leading Nutrition Educator and Energy Expert in Perth for these great tips:

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WHAT?!  Christmas can increase your Heart Attack Risk!
If you have heart, cholesterol or blood pressure issues it may be time to rethink your eating strategies? It seems this time of the year is a stressful and potentially life threatening time.
When researchers looked at cardiac deaths over a year, they found a third more in December and January than mid-year.
The peak was put down to the emotional and stressful lead up and overindulgence in food and alcohol across the Christmas and New Year period.
Keep your heart beating for another 12 months with these HOT HEART HEALTH TIPS!

1. Sock down the salads: If you overfill your plate you are more likely to eat a much larger portion than usual. So go easy at buffets. It is not “eat like a pig time”…unless you want to  end up as fat as a pig. Pile your plate high with salad firstly, then add a little of the other bits. then eat the salad first. You will be amazed at how easy it is to not over eat doing it this way. Fill up on the low calorie and nutient dense foods and the others will look after themselves.

2. Go Bananas: One banana has 422mg – about 12 percent of your recommended daily dose of potassium. Research show that potassium can lower blood pressure. Other good sources include sweet potatoes (694mg for one medium,), non fat yogurt (579mg for 1 cup) and spinach (419mg for 1/2 cup , cooked.)

3. Eat the right fats and oils: Trim the FAT off all meats so it doesn’t end up blocking your arteries or stored on your GUT. Reduce saturated fats (eg. animal fat, butter and cheese) and replace with plant-based sources of good fats and oils like avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds all help lower blood cholesterol. Avoid the processed transfats in processed fats like margarine and hydrogenated fats in fried and packaged foods. These oils have been processed at high heat which has made them toxic and very damaging to arteries.

4. Eat more fish: Especially “oily” kinds, such as salmon, tuna, sardines which are rich in the omega-3 fatty acids that protect the heart and help lower cholesterol.

5. Shell out for nuts: Nuts and seeds tend to be very high in good fat and calories, but the fat is the heart-healthy polyunsaturated or monounsaturated kind. Some varieties, like macadamia nuts, are also high in saturated fat so don’t eat too many. All nuts are high energy foods so if you eat too many and don’t exercise to use the energy they will store as fat. Make sure you eat them natural, NOT roasted and salted.

6. Be a sodium/salt sleuth: Check the labels. You want foods that have less than 120mg of sodium per 100gm as excess salt can harden your arteries. Use a good quality sea salt rather than the regular processed table salt as a light sprinkle not snow on your food. Watch out for high-sodium foods when eating out. Sneaky sodium sources include anything that’s pickled, smoked or served with sodium and of course the savoury packet snacks and fried chips are loaded.

7. Be a fruit fanatic: A cup of fruit juice is high in sugar and offers very little nutrition due to the processing. If you’re watching your weight, whole fruits are smarter choices. They contain more fibre, which helps slow the sugar release, and fewer calories eg. a medium orange has 62 calories and 3 grams of fibre, wheras a glass of OJ has about 120 calories and no fibre.

Whip up a fruit platter or fresh fruit salad – A hot Christmas day in Australia makes this most appealing and good the the HEART and WAISTLINE!

8. Get merry with berries:  Berries have amazing heart protection antioxidants along with vitamins and minerals that are essential for heart health.  Add them to breakfast, desserts and as snacks.

9.  Curse the crusts:  Leave behind the crust of desserts like cheesecake and flans so they are not LEFT BEHIND ON YOUR GUT AND BUTT!

10.  Go easy or avoid wine, beer or spirits:  You know it’s bad for you so drink lots of water and eat fruits and vegetables with every meal to help protect your heart from the alcohol attack

Sorry, Helen Frost is not the good news fairy but these HOT tips can help save your life.

Of course, Barry and I are strictly vegans, so some of the above is not a worry for us and other vegans.

Only 4 days to go till the big day.  Yeh!  You are on the down hill run.  Breath deeply, drive carefully and be kind…for tomorrow you could be dead.  Keep that smile on your face and be thankful for just being alive and vow to make someone happy today.

Have a RedHOT day.