Corrective Pyramid

NUTRITION is not just what you eat; it is everything that you take into your being.

Into your mouth: What food are you eating and how are you preparing it?  What is in your water?
Into your ears: What music are you listening to and is it nourishing your soul?
In through your skin: What cancer –causing substance are you putting on your skin or under your arms?
In through your body: What is carcinogenic in your environment: Cell phone? Power lines? Microwave tower?
In through your mind: What habitual thoughts do you allow to sulk around in your brain? What emotional guilt is undermining your sense of self-worth and will to live?

means how you metabolize or “do justice to” that which you bring into your life:  Exercise is not just physical exercise (walking 30 minutes a day etc.), but also how you digest and honour the food you have taken in as well as all the other commitments you have undertaken.

THOUGHT PROCESS describes the opportunity to manage your state and attitude so that you optimize your health and well-being as well as your human potential.  Our answer to the age-old question of whether the glass is half-empty or half-full is quite simply that the glass is always overflowing!

Thoreau wrote; “Enough is a feast”.  How fortunate we all are all the time!  Dr L.F.C. Mess wrote a classic book: “Blessed by illness” and all at Dr. Brad’s clinic have come to understand that while episodes of pain and injury are unavoidable in life, suffering is always optional.  Corrective Mindfulness is an immune-enhancing state of being which is taught to those interested in managing their thoughts optimally.

Thanks to Dr Bradford S Weeks MD, patron of OSWA (Orthomolecular Support WA Nutritional & Environmental Medicine) for this pyramid.
“Ortho = ‘right’ or ‘straight’.  So ortho-molecular is getting the molecules correct in the body for optimal health.

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