Drink More Water and Reap the Benefits Big Time

Hello and welcome to our December 2010 newsletter. We thought it fitting to end the year with a real ‘gem’. The weather is hot, we are probably overly celebrating and paying the price! So an easy cheap solution for this time of the year – drink more water and reap the benefits big time. Read on…


Water is one of the most basic things on Earth and essential to good health. We have heard it all before – “Drink at least two litres a day.” Do this seriously though and you will soon see the difference – glowing skin, weight loss, less cellulite, better immunity and a huge boost to your energy levels.

We actually need water for day-to-day survival, yet we often ignore our body’s cries for more water, at a grave cost to health and well-being. It is estimated that 90% of us are chronically dehydrated!

Many of the common complaints which plague most people’s lives, such as tiredness, headaches, dry skin, low immunity, cellulite, indigestion and weight gain, are caused by day-to-day dehydration.

If you suffer from one or more of these conditions, you may change the quality of your life immeasurably simply by ensuring you drink two litres of water a day.

Being properly hydrated will help to keep you in peak health. Our bodies are 75 per cent water, but if this level drops by just 2 per cent then we become dehydrated! As soon as this happens, our bodies slow down and begin to operate less efficiently.

See below the Water Detox Programme which can assist the body to cleanse itself and effectively start again with a clean slate, feeling fabulous.

The Water Detox will help you to tackle health problems – from niggling persistent tiredness or wrinkled skin to more long-term concerns such as weight gain and high blood pressure.

The secret of the detox is simply in the quantity of water you consume. As well as drinking two litres a day, you get an additional litre from food on a nutritional plan which contains at least 50 per cent water. It can be bottled water or tap water (filtered preferably!), but bottle flavoured waters are not permitted on the Water Detox because they almost certainly
will be full of sugar and artificial flavours.

It should take you only two or three days to get used to drinking the correct amount of water. To get the best results, you will need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Drink at least two litres of water a day.
  • On a hot day, increase the daily amount by at least half a litre.
  • Make sure at least one-and-a-half litres of the water is still (not sparkling) water.
  • The water should be fresh and, ideally drinking a glass an hour.
  • When you exercise, drink throughout the workout and afterwards.
  • This extra water is in addition to your two daily litres.
  • Coffee, tea, alcohol and fruit cordials do not count as water.
  • As soon as you get up, drink a glass of water to rehydrate you from the night before.
  • Drink a glass of water before lunch and dinner to dampen your appetite and to stop you from drinking water with your food, which decreases the absorption of nutrients.
  • Make sure you have had at least 1½ litres of water before 6pm.

Now here it is:

The 18-day Water Detox Programme

It is vital to drink enough water and to eat the right foods to get the most
benefit from the detox.

Certain foods contain up to 50 per cent water, and in some cases up to 95 per cent. Concentrating on these foods will lead to the best nutrition and hydration, though you still need to drink at least two litres of water a day. You should not eat anything that is not on the programme because this may slow the process or even reverse it. You should particularly avoid diuretics, as they could cause you to lose the same volume of water and more. These include alcohol and drinks containing caffeine, such as colas, coffee and tea.
(Don’t panic, it’s only for 18 days!)

Exercise is important because it speeds up the cleansing process – but drink throughout your workout and consume at least an extra litre of water per hour of exercise. When we sleep, we lose water through sweating and the normal metabolic processes. So start the day with a large glass of water, followed by a breakfast, which is high in water content. Yogurt and fruit are excellent. Make the first meal of the day ‘high hydration.’

It is also advisable to exclude certain herbs, such as juniper, dandelions and nettle teas, which encourage the body to expel fluids. Also avoid foods such as curries and spices which increase body heat and use more fluids than normal.

During the 18-day water detox, you can eat oily fish, oils, yogurts, potatoes, beans and pulses, vegetables, fruits, rice and salads. For each of the 18 days, you should drink at least two litres of plain water and eat at least three full meals or five small meals a day. You must eat at least five portions of fruit and vegies, 2 portions of fish, beans or pulses, one portion of rice, and one portion of oil or cheese per day.

You can eat as much as you like of any food which is permitted, but this is the minimum that you should consume. The cheeses and oils do not always have a 50 per cent water content, but they are included to ensure that you get a balanced diet. Sheep’s and goat’s
products rather than those made from a cow’s milk because they are much more easily digested by the human body and much easier to tolerate. Easting raw foods will maintain fluid levels and help to preserve the nutrients. Aim to eat half of your foods each day raw.

To keep food succulent and with the right level of water, you must use the right cooking methods. Always try to use any of the juices, essences or fluids that come out of the foods for dressings, sauces or gravy to pour back over them. Steaming will also leave your food moist and juicy. The best way to ensure you don’t lose fluids during cooking is to add them. Choose stews, soups, smoothes and long drinks. Select the foods which you
like best and find easier to prepare.

Eat your main meal during the day and not late in the evening. It is better to have four or five light meals a day than to have a huge plate of food three times a day, which can cause big surges and drops in energy and blood sugar. If you are tempted to snack, remember that 75 per cent of hunger pangs are requests from our bodies for water. Each time you feel hungry, have a glass of water. If, after 20 minutes, you are still peckish, then eat something, as long as your snack is one of the foods allowed. Yogurt, hummus and crudités are a good idea.

The Water Detox diet is not a diet, but a healthy way to cleanse you body. It will also help you to lose any excess weight. Extracted from Water Detox: Total Health and Beauty in 8 Easy Steps by Jane Scrivener


  • 75 per cent of our hunger pangs are signals of thirst
  • Our brain is 75 per cent water
  • Blood is 92 per cent water
  • Bones are 22 per cent water
  • Muscles are 75 per cent water
  • Brain cells are 82 per cent water
  • Moderate dehydration can cause headaches and even dizziness
  • On hot days, sweating can cause you to lose up to 16 glasses of
  • water a day
  • The body loses as much water when asleep as when awake
  • Mild dehydration slows the metabolism by as much as 3 per cent
  • A 2 per cent drop in hydration can slow mental recall


Drinking water improves the efficiency of all major organs. The liver, lungs, skin, kidneys and intestines all use water as a vehicle for cleansing. Inadequate quantities of water slow the system down and can causes you to suffer from constipation, grey skin, infections and
swollen glands.


Simple day-to-day dehydration can cause tiredness, bad circulation, high blood pressure, headaches, dizziness, aching joints, dry skin, urinary infections, slow metabolism, low immunity, stress, cellulite, weight gain and indigestion.

The Liver

The largest internal organ, the liver works to detoxify the body by taking in ‘poisons’ such as additives and alcohol. A severely overtaxed liver can lead to lethargy and, in extreme cases, jaundice.

The Skin

The skin sweats out waste products such as salt, uric acid, ammonia and urea. Its condition is an excellent indicator of the condition of internal organs. Spots and a pale skin can be one of the first signs that we have not been taking care of ourselves.

The Kidneys

The kidneys cleanse the blood and regulate potassium and sodium levels. Overworked kidneys can cause tiredness, or, more seriously, kidney infections and kidney stones.

The Intestines

Food passes through the stomach into the intestines. The good goodness is absorbed and waste eliminated. Digestion takes about eight hours from consumption to elimination in a healthy body, but more than 24 in a dehydrated one.

The Lymph System

Lymph, absorbs dead cells, excess fluids and other waste products and takes them to the lymph nodes, which are under your armpits and in the areas of your groin and knees. Here, the waste is filtered and eventually organs – skin, liver or kidneys – to be passed out. So – WATER – quite how vital it is has not, in any way, been fully appreciated by most. It is constantly amazing at this most vital of Nature’s healers. If you are not watering yourself today, you are missing the opportunity to become a rose. Don’t be a prune, put away the teas and coffees, the Guinesses and the Fosters, and let’s get serious about hydration and happiness.

Recommended reading:

“Your Body’s Many Cries for Water”, available through the Credence Bookstore
at www.credence.org.
Sourced from Phillip Day’s ‘Campaign for Truth in Medicine’ EClub; The Healing power of water Also Sourced from ‘OSWA’ (Orthomolecular Support WA Nutritional & Environmental Medicine)‘Ortho’ = ‘right’ or ‘straight’.
So orthomolecular is getting the molecules correct in the body for optimal health.

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