Why Vegan? Why would someone want to eat mainly raw and living foods?

According to Samudra (our favourite healthy restaurant in Dunsborough WA), they pronounce the following from frequently asked questions:

  1. Health:  Persons embracing this type of diet invariable experience improvements in their general physical and mental status, including more energy, better health, weight loss, detoxification, and a sturdier immune system that better resists and recovers from just about any kind of disease…and the list goes on..
  2. Energy efficiency:  Since you no longer have to cook so much, you don’t waste electricity, and save the environment.
  3. Since you eat organic agriculture, you help to save the planet.  Most become more in-tune with their body; many report definite spiritual improvements.
  4. No animal products are used, so the animals appreciate it.

Barry’s and my reasons for going vegan are mainly to stop his cancer from growing!  Research has it that meats, dairy, eggs and sugar feed the cancer cells!  Since changing to this way of eating, extra kilos have fallen away, we feel alive, energised, calmer and more at peace and, we believe, that Barry’s cancer is under control.  Big reasons with big results!

With the cold winter months, we do find it challenging to have too much raw vegan so most of our dinner meals are cooked – but healthy vegie curries, soups or stews with plenty of grains and pulses and brown rice.

What do raw/living foodists eat?

Raw and living foodist eat all fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nuts, seeds grains, sea vegetables, and other organic/natural foods that have not been processed.  In some instances there are special ways to prepare the foods (example:  most raw and living foodists soak/sprout nuts, seeds and grains before consuming them.)

How can you tell if something is a raw/living food?

Most foods that have not been processed in any way, shape or form are raw and living foods (until cooked.)  Processed foods (canned, bottled or prepackaged) are most often adulterated, (changed from their original state) by heating, additives, preservatives, colorings, salt and sugar.  Don’t think this is all for your benefit; the benefactor is the manufacturer’s profit margin, NOT YOU.  Try to purchase foods that are in their natural state.

What do raw and living foodists drink?

Water (purified or spring water), freshly made juices (made with your own juicer – and consumed immediately), and coconut milk (from a young coconut.)  Avoid processed drinks as much as possible (including: soda, bottled juices, coffee and alcohol.)

9 thoughts on “Why Vegan? Why would someone want to eat mainly raw and living foods?

      • Natala,I was one of those people that thhugot I would never be a Vegan, and then I had a heart attack when I was 40. My wife found your blog, and we started to read up on going plant based and being Vegan. My heart disease went away, and I will now be around for my children. My children will not have to get the disease that almost killed me. Now we eat things like tofu. Sure, I get shit for it, but I also know that all of those people will one day have to make a decision between getting over themselves and learning for themselves and changing what they eat. Again, thank you for all you wrote this year.Mike T.

  1. I love all the info that you’re posting laltey! I’ve been trying to incorporate more whole foods into my diet lately, so it’s perfect timing and great motivation. Do you happen to know of any whole foods vegan cookbooks? I’m having a hard time finding any, aside from raw foods cookbooks, which are great, but not exactly what I’m looking for right now. If you have any suggestions let me know. Thanks!

    • Thank YOU! Try ‘The Rave Diet’ book by Mike Anderson. Also we are going to put some of our favourite vegan recipes on line very soon. Stay tuned!

      • Woop woop to you!I found your blog today and cannot stop reanidg it. Your writing is very simple and yet beautiful, you are very inspiring so please keep it up! How long have you been vegan for? Has it been since August 08?I went vegan last October and relate a lot to the things that you say. Thankfully, I didn’t become vegan because I was ill. I decided it was time for me to open my eyes to the harsh reality of the animals’ condition, the damage caused to the environment and to my body.Thanks for sharing your experience. Your blog is now listed in my favourites!Alex

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